The AI platform for easy creation of autonomous agents

Automate routine tasks and increase productivity in the company with the help of artificial intelligence:

  • Access to the best AI language models
  • Generate and analyze texts as well as images
  • Easily create AI chats and use them in teams
  • Use additional data sources (websites, files, raw text data)
  • Email automation
  • API for quick integration
Avaia ecosystem (2)

And this is how autonomous AI agents work

Tasks such as writing emails and other organizational tasks can be easily delegated to an AI agent.

Personal Workspace

Communicate via a user-friendly chat interface with the most powerful AI of today. Ask questions, have texts written, complete tasks, or conduct real-time research on the internet. You set the limits.

Personal workspace

Create Images

Unleash your creativity and generate unique images with text inputs that can be used on your website without additional licensing fees.

Image generator

Analyze Images

Extract text from images, analyze and interpret the contents. An image upload and clear instructions to the AI are all that is needed.

Image analyzer illustration

Create Highly Specialized, Autonomous AI Agents

Configuring an agent is simple and can be done via text inputs. The more precise the tasks for the autonomous agent are formulated, the higher the quality of the result.

Prompt text

Create Various Autonomous AI Agents

Whether it's creating social media posts, developing software code, or performing translations – AI agents enable efficient and high-quality work.


Add Additional Data Sources

Connect your website or integrate PDF, DOC, XLSX, PPT, and CSV files as well as raw text files to always access the required knowledge.

Data Sources

Integrate Chats on Websites

Integrate your AI chat agent into your company website to answer customer inquiries, or implement it in your intranet to provide your employees with direct access.


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