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✅ Systematic Organization

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Efficiently and effectively use the email channel

For numerous companies and teams, managing daily email traffic is a challenging task that can lead to stress and frustration. The following difficulties often arise:

  • High costs in customer support.
  • Slow response times that affect service level.
  • Inconsistent and/or incorrect responses.
  • Overload due to frequent questions and email spikes.
  • Time-consuming email assignments.
  • Chaotic mailboxes.

If these problems are not addressed, they can have negative consequences. Some examples of these are:

  • Customer trust can diminish and business reputation can suffer.
  • Slow response times can result in lost sales opportunities.
  • Repetitive and monotonous tasks can decrease employee satisfaction.
  • Inefficient resource utilization can lead to missed opportunities to improve the customer experience.

All these factors hinder growth and the development of the company!

Avaia addresses exactly these issues ✅ - as your 24/7 email management assistant. It categorizes, sorts, and automatically responds to emails, allowing you and your team to fully focus on core tasks.

Advantages with Avaia


Automate your email processes, scale with automated response functions, and handle growing demands without additional manual effort.

Systematic Organization

Say goodbye to mailbox chaos. With effective email categorization, you always have a clear and organized overview of your emails.

Personalized Communication

Secure consistently professional and personalized responses to all inquiries. Your communication remains at the highest level, regardless of email volume or team members involved.




With the "Categorize" feature, Avaia automatically sorts your emails according to your specifications. It identifies important personal emails, newsletters, notifications, or unwanted emails and moves them to the appropriate folder, marks them as important, or forwards them.

Goodbye mailbox clutter, welcome clear overview!


Let Avaia answer selected or all of your emails. She creates response drafts in the desired tone and style that you can easily customize and send. Alternatively, she can send the responses directly for you. Avaia also understands most languages and can respond in your customer's language.

Goodbye typing stress, hello efficiency!


And this is how it works

Avaia integrates directly into your mailbox. So you can work as usual in Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, GMX, etc. and still benefit from all the features.

You don't need any additional tools or complicated settings - just connect your mailbox and get started.

Step 1

Connect mailbox

Connect your mailbox in a few steps via IMAP.

Step 2

Create task

Choose a template or create your own tasks.

Step 3

Execute order

Done. Experience mailbox magic.

Customer Reviews

Thanks to Avaia, my mailbox is no longer a mess. Everything is sorted, nothing gets lost. Genius!

- Marc M.

five stars

With Avaia, my mailbox is now tidy and organized - important emails in sight, spam in the sidelines. Really strong!

- Tom R.

five stars

With Avaia I have a clear view of my emails - everything organized, nothing overlooked. Great!

- Anna B.

five stars

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